IOWA Nurse Practitioner Society

Scholarship programs certainly offer a great amount of help to the students who have outstanding academic credentials and yet lack the financial means which makes them unable to continue their education. Through programs that offer financial assistance, these kinds of students are given much hope and encouragement that they can have the chance to pursue their education and eventually achieve their dreams in their chosen field of study.

Being granted a scholarship award is definitely not easy as only the most deserving students can have the opportunity to qualify. Given that these scholarship programs have some strict and very specific requirements, the students then who are interested to take part of the program must make an effort to acquire the necessary credentials so that he or she can at least take a chance and apply for the scholarship program.

Iowa Nurse Practitioner Society is a scholarship program that is open to the students who are in their advanced practice in a registered nurse curriculum. Each year, this particular scholarship program selects two of the most deserving recipients to be given the scholarship award which amounts to $2,500. The award for the Iowa Nurse Practitioner Society was given during the INPS (Iowa Nurse Practitioner Society) conference.

As part of the qualification for this scholarship grant, the candidate is required to be a member of the NPS and at the same time must be present at the INPS Fall Conference. The next batch of applications for the Iowa Nurse Practitioner Society will be made accessible in the late 2015.

Amount: $2,500
Length: 1 year
Deadline: October 18th
Website: Visit Website