International Nurse Development Scholarship

The shortage of nursing in the United States and other countries in the world is a well-documented problem. It is estimated that by the year 2020, the U. S. will have a shortfall of approximately 325,000 nurses. Added to this problem of nursing shortfall is the lesser known problem of shortage in qualified nursing educators.

Because of the shortage of nursing educators and the consequent inability of U.S. nursing schools to expand their facilities, the American Association of Colleges of Nurses estimated that around 40,000 qualified applicants in the nursing programs were turned away in 2007. Approximately seventy six percent of nursing school that turned away qualified nursing students did so because of insufficiency in the nursing faculty. It is really unfortunate that while there is a great shortage of nurses in the country and there are plenty of students who want to enroll in baccalaureate nursing programs, nursing schools in the U.S. will not be able to produce enough nursing graduates to sustain the nursing workforce at the desired level.

The shortage of nurses and nurse educators is not only confined to the U.S. as it is a global problem that is exacerbated by an unmanaged international nurse migration. Some countries like the Philippines have an abundance of nurses in comparison with what that country needs. Global Scholarship Alliance offers innovative programs that will address the shortage of nurses in U.S. hospitals while at the same time contributing to the nursing programs and health care systems of other countries. These programs are carried out in a socially responsible and cost-effective manner.

The International Nurse Development Scholarship was established by the Global Scholarship Alliance to help students pursue advanced nursing degrees combined with multi-year hospital employment. The scholarship program offers relocation assistance, NCLEX reimbursement, immigrant visa sponsorship for internationally trained nurses, and temporary housing upon arrival.

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Amount: $5,000
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