IHS Health Professions Scholarship Program

The IHS Health Professions Scholarship Program was established to offer financial aid to the American Indian or Alaskan Native students who are in their undergraduate and graduate level and are in need of financial help so they can complete their education. This scholarship program requires its candidates to be enrolled either full time or part time in a health related program that is part of the Indian Health Services’ list of health career priorities.

Also part of the qualification for the IHS Health Professions Scholarship Program is that the candidate must have a grade point average of no less than 2.0. This scholarship grant is awarded by the Indian Health Services, and the award that it offers its recipients is intended to cover all fees including tuition, and other fees that are necessary for the recipient’s education, and at the same time, it also gives an allowance with a minimum of $1,500 every month for a whole year.

The IHS Health Professions Scholarship Program is given for a maximum of four years for full time students. Although the scholarship award for this program is renewable, the recipient needs to reapply each year and request for the continuation of his or her scholarship as long as he or she is able to maintain the necessary qualifications for this program.

The number of recipients selected each year varies, but for the present year about 233 awards were distributed. Students who are eligible to make an application for this scholarship program may obtain the application from the Indian Health Services website.

Amount: $1,500
GPA: 2.0
Website: Visit Website