IHS Health Professions Preparatory Scholarship

A scholarship grant known as IHS Health Professions Preparatory Scholarship has an aim that is to provide financial support to the students who are in the undergraduate level and are at the same time from the American Indian and Alaskan Native ethnicity. In order to qualify for this scholarship program, the undergraduate student who wishes to apply for scholarship needs to be enrolled in either Pre- Clinical Psychology, Pre- Nursing, Pre- Pharmacy or Pre- Social Work program. This scholarship program is open to the junior and senior students.

The Indian Health Services provide the award for the IHS Health Professions Preparatory Scholarship, and aside from the yearly lump sum that it provides its recipients to cover expenses for the books, travel, tutorial services, parking permit and other costs related to the recipient’s education, the recipient is also provided an allowance with a minimum of $1,500 per month for the period of 10 months.

The scholarship award is good for a maximum of two years for full time students and four years for part time students, but in order for the recipient to continue with this opportunity, he or she must be able to sustain the criteria of this scholarship program such as having a grade point average of 2.0 or higher. The number of recipients per year vary, but for the current year 40 awards were given both for this program and the IHS Pre- Graduate Scholarship.

The application for the IHS Health Professions Preparatory Scholarship may be accessed through Indian Health Services website.

Amount: $1,500
Website: Visit Website