Huggins and Haggland Scholarship for Continuing Education

The State of Oregon has continuously attracted residents because of the abundance of natural resources. Both urban and rural populations are attracted to Oregon’s mountains and coastlines. However, in this beautiful expanse of territory, health care is a big issue. Healthcare does not trickle down to the rural and migrant working populations, the main bulk of the state’s low-income sector. There is an increasing demand for healthcare workers, especially nurses, to work within the underserved communities.

Nurses are urgently needed in Public Health, Acute Care, Nursing Education, and in the field of Long-term Care. These services are extremely needed in providing healthcare to the aging population. Nurses are also needed to assist in the mentoring programs in schools and universities in order to establish a large pool of nurses to service the needs of the state’s population.

Nurses who work in the State of Oregon are encouraged to obtained advanced nursing degrees in order for them to become leaders in their fields and agents of change in the state.

Towards this end, the Oregon Nurses Foundation established the Huggins and Haggland Scholarship for Continuing Education. The objective of the scholarship program is to assist the ONF members enroll in continuing education programs by providing money in the form of stipends.

Members of the Oregon Nurses Association may be eligible for one stipend of not more than $125 per year for registration, travel expense, and/or child care. Priority is given to applicants who are applying for the first time and who have not received any stipend in the last two years.

A completed application form must be submitted for approval before a continuing education conference is held. The completed application form must be submitted to:

Ms. Melissa Tangedal
Oregon Nurses Foundation
18765 SW Boones Ferry Road, Suite 200
Tualatin, Oregon 97062

ONA members who will be granted stipend to attend a conference must submit the demographic and evaluation form not later than 30 days after the conference. A postage paid envelope shall be provided by the ONA.

Amount: up to $125
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