Helen Hapke Endowment Fund

The Sinclair School of Nursing at the University of Missouri founded a scholarship program and called it the Helen Hapke Endowment Fund. This scholarship grant is available to the students who are enrolled or about to enroll in the School of Nursing and at the same time are those who are in great need of financial assistance.

The amount that the Helen Hapke Endowment Fund provides, as well as the duration for this scholarship program is also variable. Having scholarship grants such as this one is definitely an amazing opportunity for those who truly want to finish their education in nursing and serve their countrymen by providing health care assistance, but are limited because of financial concerns.

Since Helen Hapke Endowment Fund is around to offer financial help, more and more students are inspired and motivated to pursue a degree in nursing. When more students want to take up nursing and eventually become nurses, then the concern with regards to the shortage of nurses will then be alleviated.

Helen Hapke Endowment Fund is only one of the scholarship programs around that provides monetary assistance to the students who have financial concerns. There are certainly more scholarship grants being offered in all parts of the world and each of these grants represent a certain objective. Different scholarship programs are available and are offered in various fields as well not just nursing or the medical field.
Although they have a common goal which is to give financial aid to students, every scholarship program has different sets of requirements and conditions.

Amount: varies
Length: varies
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