HealthSouth Corporation Nursing Student Loan Program

Being one of the country’s most expansive health care service providers, HealthSouth gives back to the community by creating HealthSouth Corporation Nursing Student Loan Program whose aim is to offer student loan to the students of nursing who are in need of financial support and assistance.

HealthSouth has branches both abroad and nationwide and creates job opportunities for both RNs and LPNs. In fact they have 7,500 RNs as well as more than 2,000 LPNs nationwide who are working for them. In line with the requirements to qualify for this scholarship program is that the applicant must be enrolled in either RN or LPN program and is a full time student. But HealthSouth employees can also take advantage of this great opportunity by enrolling as part time students.

HealthSouth Corporation Nursing Student Loan Program provides financial assistance of up to $10K for RNs and up to $5Kfor LPNs. When the recipient completes his or her education, he or she is then required to work with HealthSouth. This student loan program certainly has a lot of advantages because aside from being supported financially, the recipient does not have to worry about job placement after graduation because he has already a job waiting for him.

Opportunities like this must not be missed so if you are thinking to enroll in an RN or LPN program but hesitates because of financial concerns, HealthSouth Corporation Nursing Student Loan Program might be able to help you with your concern so it would be best to try and send in your application.

Amount: up to $10000
Other Req: Candidates must be accepted into an accredited RN/LPN program and must be a full time student. (Current HealthSouth employees can be part-time students)
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