Healthcare & Nursing Scholarship Award

American students who are at least 16 years of age or older who have entered or are about to enter college or university can apply for the Healthcare & Nursing Scholarship Award. Those student applicants who have entered college must be enrolled in a course related to nursing or health science.

The deadline for the submission of application has already passed but there is a chance that you might be awarded with this scholarship for next school year. There is a lot of similarity between scholarship givers. In the near future, this grant will be re-evaluated. For more information for next year’s awarding, check with the website at a later time.

This scholarship is given out by the ClearTarget Media, LLC and has a monetary value of 500 US dollars. This scholarship is non renewable. There is only one recipient of this scholarship award every year.

The website of the ClearTarget Media, LLC has more important information regarding application for the said scholarship. The application form that is to be filled up by applicants is found in the Facebook account of ClearTarget Media, LLC which can be accessed through a link from the website. Among the information the applicant must supply are the answers to two questions about education through the internet. A maximum of 100 word essay must be supplied by the applicant regarding how the course is going to be a big help to his or her career. The application must be submitted on or before the deadline.

Amount: $500, non-renewable
Deadline: May 1
Website: Visit Website