Health Professional Preparatory Scholarship Program

Native Alaskans and American Indians students taking up courses in health care are given the chance to apply for the IHS Scholarship Program. Since 1978, IHS has been giving scholarship awards for Native Alaskans and American Indians in all of the United States who are taking up courses in health care. This helps develop them into well trained health workers and practice in Indian programs. Almost 7,000 students have been awarded with these scholarships. A lot of these students have given their services to HIS. Then there are some who have given their services to their tribe. Those students who are interested in health care career are what HIS people are looking for. This scholarship is for applicants who intend to work in American Indian tribes. An awardee is given a scholarship but must agree to render services after graduation for up to two years. Applicants must fulfill requirement depending on the scholarship they are applying for.

The applicant must be a citizen of the United States or an American by origin. Male applicants must be Selective Service registered and must be at least eighteen years of age.

The following supporting documents must be submitted with the application form; Passport; photocopy of social security ID or driver’s license. Proof of naturalization or of citizenship papers. Tribal registration.

Scholarships for undergraduate and preparatory students’ requirements are proof of membership of now defunct tribe of Native Alaskan or American Indian.

Applicants must fulfill scholarly requisites depending on the scholarship applied for. They must be at high school graduate or at least of the same level. Applicants must have maintained at least a Grade Point Average of at least 2.0. Applicant must shoe capacity to finish the degree and has intensions of caring for American Indians.

For the undergraduate and preparatory scholarship, applicants must affix their signature on the IHS Program Agreement stating of the applicants intensions of finishing their health course.

For the Health Professions, students must affix their signature on the HIS Scholarship Program Contract stating their agreement of rendering their service in an American-Indian institution after graduation from school.

Amount: $1,160
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