Health Careers Scholarship Program

Those who are selected to be given the Health Career Scholarship Program are people who have been showing their ability to perform well in school, has a profound conviction in practicing their health care duties, and their meaningful devotion and commitment to serve those who are in need health care in their community. The scholarship program is given to upperclassmen taking up a course in any health related degree who are going to enroll in either their junior or in their senior year in their undergrad degree for the first semester in fall. It is not applicable to high school graduates and freshmen students. Post graduate students are also not eligible.

The documents needed to be submitted by the student applicant are the application forms that filled up, an 300-400 word essay stating their reason for the application, letters of recommendations from two sources, a photocopy of current scholastic records and a fully filled up financial help form that is filled by the school’s financial help section.

For more information just log onto to the Health Career Scholarship Program website. Mailed and emailed inquiries will not be entertained.

Amount: $1,000
Website: Visit Website