Hawaii Student Nurses Association

The Hawaii Student Nurses Association is composed of more than 190 different scholarship awards that are funded by several groups which includes charitable individuals as well as businesses and organizations and many private foundations. The main goal of this scholarship program is to offer financial assistance to the students who are residents of Hawaii and are seeking for a financial aid to help them fund their education.

In 2013, the Hawaii Student Nurses Association has given about $4 Million to the most qualified students who were chosen as recipients by the program. Because of this, it has become known as the 3rd biggest private donor of scholarships for students in the post- secondary level within the state of Hawaii.

The demographics of the recipients for the Hawaii Student Nurses Association varies as some recipients wish to enroll in a college or university, and other recipients choose to have a career while at the same time having a technical education at a community college. Hawaii students who are very much qualified to make an application to the Hawaii Student Nurses Association are required to see this scholarship program’s FAQ’s page so they can be properly guided in the completion of the candidate’s application online.

The Hawaii Student Nurses Association began its scholarship period on December 1, 2014 and will finish on February 19, 2015. Candidates who truly deserve to become recipients of this scholarship grant need to submit the application that is properly filled up as well as the other supporting documents that are required by this program before the deadline given.

Amount: Varies
Length: 1 year
Deadline: February
Website: Visit Website