Haley Award

The Haley Award is a scholarship program that was founded by the Vanderbilt School of Nursing. It is a donation from the inheritance from James H. Haley Jr., and its aim is to provide financial assistance to the nursing student who is definitely deserving and someone who is most qualified to receive the grant.  Like any scholarship program, the Haley Award has some tough requirements to ensure that they will only get the best among all the qualified applicants.

For this scholarship grant, part of the requirement is a good academic standing so the grades are based on the applicant’s GPA and GRE, GMAT or other standardized test scores.  The duration for the Haley Award varies so those who are interested to take advantage of this amazing opportunity must check the website or call to ask regarding updates or changes about this scholarship program.

It is wonderful news that there are so many scholarship grants available to give financial assistance to the students who are in need of extra financial support because this way, students are given much hope and inspiration to simply pursue their education and finish it so they can eventually share their talents and skills to their chosen profession and industry.

Because of the presence of the scholarship programs, students who are unable to fund their education can now reduce their stress in terms of finances as they know that someone got their back.  Having scholarship programs to help students complete their education can definitely solve the problem of nurse shortage as well.

Length: varies
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