Got Chosen Lights, Camera, Action Video Scholarship Contest

Not all scholarship awards go through the usual process of filling up an application form and submitting them and waiting for the result of who is going to be next lucky recipient.  Not all scholarship grants also require the candidates to possess certain requirements in order to qualify and make an application because at this time, scholarship programs have become more creative as well so these kinds of programs do not follow the typical process anymore.

Got Chosen Lights, Camera, Action Video Scholarship Contest is one type of a scholarship program that is unique in character.  In order to get a scholarship award with an amount of $ 2,500, the recipient is picked through voting.  The requirement is that the interested applicant must select from any of the 5 given category then he or she must create a video then afterwards upload the video to their site.  The video then with the most number of votes is the winner of the Got Chosen Lights, Camera, Action Video Scholarship Contest.

This scholarship contest chooses its winner every year, so those who wish to join and participate may prepare their video and upload it until before its deadline which is on March 20.  What is even more amazing with this scholarship contest is that it is open to everyone, so anyone from any gender or ethnic group may participate and take advantage of this great opportunity.

It is really a great to know that scholarship programs are being made more accessible so that every student can have a fair chance.

Length: 1 year
Deadline: March 20, annually
Gender: No gender requirement
Website: Visit Website