Good Samaritan Foundation Nursing Scholarships

A wonderful opportunity is being offered to the nursing students who are living in Texas, but in order to qualify for the Good Samaritan Foundation Nursing Scholarships, the candidate must be enrolled in any of the accredited nursing programs within the state of Texas such as LVN, ASN, BSN, MSN, PhD, DSN or DNP.

This scholarship grant though only recompense the clinical nursing semesters and does not include the prerequisites.  Applicants though may file their intent before beginning their clinicals, and those who are interested to take advantage of this great opportunity must turn in their application for the Good Samaritan Foundation Nursing Scholarships on or before its actual deadline which is on March 15.

Aside from being enrolled in any of the nursing programs, candidates must definitely possess the need for financial assistance to enable them to pursue and complete their education in nursing.  Another necessary requirement is that the candidate for this scholarship award must have a GPA of 3.2 or higher.

Having a scholarship grant such as the Good Samaritan Foundation Nursing Scholarships is certainly a delightful opportunity because having this kind of chance available for the nursing students who need extra help in terms of funding their education will definitely allow them to be more inspired and thus encourage them to move forward and go on to reach their dreams and fulfill their destiny in the field of nursing.

With the existence of this scholarship grant in Texas, the residents are without a doubt very fortunate.

Deadline: 15-Mar
GPA: 3.2 or higher
Other Req: RESIDES IN CA state
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