General KNF Scholarship Program

The General KNF Scholarship Program was founded to give financial support to the students of nursing who are in need of financial aid so they can complete their education. This scholarship grant is open to the students of nursing who are citizens of the United States and are residing in the state of Kansas.

Among the requirements for General KNF Scholarship Program is that the candidate must be enrolled in a college or university within the state of Kansas, and that he or she must be maintaining a grade of 3.0 or higher. Priorities for this scholarship award are given to the Registered Nurses who taking up Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN), or those who are in their graduate or post graduate nursing study. Students who are in their formal nursing program are also given a priority.

The General KNF Scholarship Program offers $500 worth of financial assistance. This monetary award is given each year and is non- renewable. Two recipients are selected each year for this scholarship award. Applications may be obtained through the Kansas Nurses Foundation (KNF) website, and other supporting documents must be submitted as well together with the completed application form.

The documents needed are the official transcript, an essay stating the anticipated role of the candidate in the nursing industry in the state of Kansas, letter of acceptance from the university or college that proves that the candidate has been accepted in the nursing program, and 3 letters of recommendation are also required.

Applications together with the other documents must all be in one packet for submission.

Amount: $500
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