Gene and Donna (Coe) Sweeney Scholarship Fund

With the cost of education continuously rising, more and more deserving students are unable to complete their degree program. Some look for part-time job and juggle studies and work, while others just decide to stop. It is unfortunate that financial problems become an obstacle to the dream of a student to finish his/her studies and reach his/her dreams in the chosen field.

This is primarily the reason why scholarship programs were established. They look into the financial problem of potentially high achieving students by awarding them with financial assistance that the recipient can use to pay for their college or graduate degree. Scholarships can be external or internally organized by the college/university. This is the case for the Gene and Donna (Coe) Sweeney Scholarship Fund – this assistance is offered by the Sinclair School of Nursing of University of Missouri. The scholarship is open for nursing students who are currently enrolled on a full-time basis on any nursing degree program.

In order to apply for this internal scholarship, students must submit their application to the Sinclair School of Nursing Office of Student Affairs. Once the scholarship application is received by the office, they will become eligible for this scholarship as well as to other internal scholarship (there are about 100 internal scholarships and other external ones) in which the applicants meet the eligibility requirements and criteria. It is also necessary for the students to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid/FAFSA on file. Scholarships awardees and amounts they will receive usually vary from year to year.

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