Gen and Kelly Tanabe Parent Scholarship

For several students, one of the biggest obstacles they will encounter in their higher education is the finances. It is a known fact that the cost of education is expensive. To provide solution to this obstacle, there are numerous scholarship programs being established aiming to help students to tackle the financial problems in their studies. One of them is the Gen and Kelly Tanabe Parent Scholarship Program. The program provides assistance to deserving students through scholarships. the financial assistance can be used to pay for tuition in college or even at the graduate school.

The scholarship program is a merit-based type in which there is no consideration to the financial needs. The winner will be selected by an independent panel basing mainly on the quality of the personal statement submitted by the applicant. In addition, past academic performance are not taken into consideration. The program has a goal of creating a level field where students have the total control on their applications.

The Gen and Kelly Tanabe Parent Scholarship is established on 2001 and named after Gen and Kelly Tanabe. These individuals are award-winning authors and have produced 11 books with topics about school admission and scholarships.

As of this writing, the application for the Fall 2014 is still open with the deadline set up at midnight of December 31, 2014. The selection process will start after the deadline is met and the winners will be notified about a month after the set deadline. Checking of application status can be done online.

Amount: up to $1000
Length: 1 year
Website: Visit Website