Future of Nursing Scholarship

There are a number of scholarships that were particularly made for those nursing practitioners who have a degree in Bachelor of Science in Registered Nursing and have not been penalized with suspensions, has not had her or his licensed revoked or has been in an investigation. The need for a lot of nurses is being helped filled out by the Western Governors University. They offer courses on the University website. This course is based on academic programs that can offer the student that will offer those who are interested in taking this course in a masteral degree while at the same time can continue with their work in their health care establishment.

The monetary value of the scholarship sums up to five-thousand U.S. dollars and are paid in 5 six-month semesters. If a sixth semester is needed, the tuition would amount to three-thousand two-hundred and fifty U.S. dollars minus the one-thousand per semester scholarship value.

The grant is calculated based on the usual 5 semester, six month long terms for taking up a master’s degree. Usually, students have the ability to take their master’s degree within just two years or four semesters. However, there are some who take it in less time basing it on their academic performances and previous experience and study habits.

The University is a non profit establishment and is an acknowledged university in the region and is the only school that offers such a degree course on the internet. It is accredited and acknowledged by the Distance Education and Training Council and also by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.

The selection will be based on the students’ scholar grades, availability to study on the internet, financial necessity, and competency level.

Amount: $5,000
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