Frame My Future Scholarship Contest 2014

When applying for a scholarship, there are sets of requirements that the applicants should be able to complete and submit. These requirements may include proof of income, academic standing, letters of intent, essay, recommendations letters and so on. However, there are some donors or sponsors who offer their scholarship with a little bit of twist on their requirements.

A good example will be the Frame My Future Scholarship Contest 2014. One can deduce that this will be a competitive type of scholarship application just like other scholarship programs, but the competition is very different from the usual scholarships. In this one, the competition will be based primarily on artistic creativity and imagination and not on the usual merit-based one. An applicant can be awarded with a scholarship provided that his/her “masterpiece” will be hailed winner by the donor. The application process will center on the visual entry in which the applicant must submit an artistic work demonstrating his/her future after college. The applicant can make use of various art mediums and techniques such as painting, photography, poem, illustration, short story and many more. The important thing is that the applicant is able to show and convey to the donor his/her dream after college.

There’s no need for writing essay, recommendation letter or scholastic standing in this scholarship offering. It is all about having a dream after college and punting that dream into so-called “vision board”. It is open for everyone and having some skills on art and writing will be an advantage.

Length: One year
Deadline: 5-Mar
Gender: No gender requirement
Other Req: Military, Disability
Website: Visit Website