Florida Association of Neonatal Nurse Practitioners

Members of the Florida Association of Neonatal Nurse Practitioners or FANNP who are enrolled in any health care course from between the 15th of Sept., 2013 and the 15th of Sept., 2014 can avail of a scholarship for the school year 2014.

There are some requirements that the students must be able to fulfill in order to qualify. Student applicants must be in a course that leads to a career in health care during the time of application. The applicant must be an active FANNP member. All members of the FANNP are allowed to apply. Full time members will be given priority then student members and finally the associate members. The tenure of members in the FANNP will be considered. Thos interested applicants must have licenses in NNP, ARNP, or RN or its counterpart. Priority will be given to licensed NNP while taking up a NNP course.

Two scholarship awards can be availed by each applicant for each degree. Priority is given to Neonatal health care students.
A requirement for the application is that applicants must author an article between three to five pages long.
Application forms sent must be postmarked on the 15th of September, 2014.

Interested applicants may email their queries to scholarship@fannp.org or call them at 1-800-74 FANNP or send mail at this address; Karen Theobald, FANNP, PO Box 14752, St. Petersburg, FL 33733

Deadline: September 15th
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