Filipino Nurses' Organization of Hawai`i Scholarship

In most cases, a college degree can be very expensive. To counter that high cost of education in college, many college students juggle studying and part-time work. This is a noble act, but it is also problematic in a sense that students are not able focus on their study and they may have to take lesser units per semester. It must be nice if these students can purely focus on studying and never have to worry about the expenses they need for studying.

The Hawaii Community Foundation acknowledged this fact. To address it, the organization has established some form of support that will provide assistance to students with their studies. An example of their scholarship is the Filipino Nurses’ Organization of Hawai’i Scholarship. This financial assistance is open only to students residing in Hawai’i for at least a year and is currently pursuing a degree program in nursing. In addition, applicants should be of Filipino descent as part of the requirements.

The applicants must be able to demonstrate his/her financial needs and is currently attending a nationally accredited college or university, either two- or four-year nursing degree program, on a full-time basis. It is also necessary for the applicants to maintain a Grade Point Average of 2.75 or higher. Applicants can apply online by visiting the website of the organization. They can also create an account for faster processing and following up of the application. The deadline for the submission of application is set on the 1st of March every year.

Deadline: March 1
Other Req: Resident of Hawai’i and of Filipino descent
Website: Visit Website