ExceptionalNurse.com Genevieve Saran Richmond Award

For those who truly hope and desire to enter college and complete his/her chosen field of study, obstacles must serve as stepping stone, roadblocks must serve as refining events and challenges must serve as opportunities. Financial woe is one of the common problems encountered by students in college. Not all are capable to fund their school expenses and they resort to counter this problem by applying to scholarship programs. Indeed, scholarships are established to provide assistance to students who are having difficulties financially speaking but also very capable to demonstrate high aptitude in academics. Most scholarships are competitive and hence, as an applicant, you must demonstrate why you are the most suited to be awarded that scholarship.

For nursing students, who is an incoming or currently enrolled student, there are bountiful of scholarships being offered. One of them is the Genevieve Saran Richmond Award from The ExceptionalNurse.com. This scholarship awards $500 to eligible students with documented disability who have applied to or already been admitted to nursing program on an accredited college or university program on a full-time basis.

The application form for this scholarship can be downloaded online. Part of the application process is to duly complete the application form, submit with three letters of recommendations, , an essay that is one to two pages long, official transcript of records from high school or the completed courses in college and the proof of disability. The Genevieve Saran Richmond Award is one of the many scholarships offered by The ExceptionalNurse.com

Amount: US$500
Deadline: June 1
Website: Visit Website