Evelyn Baxter Memorial Fund (District 20)

Education is very important; unfortunately, not all are able to avail the cost of education. For those who truly wants to get the education they desire, they resort to financial assistance in the form of scholarships. For most students, obtaining a scholarship is their stepping stone in completing the education they need in the four corners of the classroom. Scholarships are designed this way – to help deserving students to complete their degree program and in return, provide relevant services to their chosen field.

There are numerous organizations and institutions offering general and specific-type of scholarships. For instance, the Evelyn Baxter Memorial Fund (District 20) is a scholarship that is offered only to students who will and pursuing nursing degree program. This scholarship is organized and established by the Florida Nurses Association and hence, you can expect that this scholarship has some restrictions such as being open only to Florida residents, specifically to the Manatee County.

The requirements usually includes currently enrolled in a nursing program that is nationally accredited, completion of at least a semester in the nursing program within the state, must reside and have lived in the state during the time of scholarship and for a year, have GPA of not lower than 2.5 for undergraduate students and not lower than 3.0 for the graduate students and the ability to show his/her potential in contributing to the society and the nursing profession. This scholarship is open for undergraduate students (ADN and BSN) as well as graduate students (Master and Doctoral degree program).

Deadline: 1-Jun
Other Req: RESIDES IN FL state, ADDITIONAL RESTRICTIONS: Florida resident of Manatee County
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