Erma B. Kraft Scholarship Fund (District 24)

Looking for a scholarship to fund your nursing school? There are several scholarships that are specifically offered to students who wish and are pursuing this degree program. Most of the nursing scholarships are designed to provide assistance, financially speaking, to the deserving students who show promises in terms of academic standing, pre-defined skills and services to the donor’s mission and vision. Therefore, it is necessary for the candidates to be able to manifest the things that the donor of the scholarship looks for. The scholarships are also intended to help student to persevere and perform better academically speaking since it somehow get rid of the financial problem that the student may encounter along the way.

For nursing students living in the Indian River County in Florida, they can avail the Erma B. Kraft Scholarship Fund (District 24). This scholarship is offered to the students residing in the said place and this is part of the requirements. The scholarship is granted by the Florida Nurses Association with the aim of developing financial support for the research in this field, advancing the knowledge of the said profession, encouraging the researches in this field as well as career development and providing assistance to the nurse in need.

Deadline: 1-Jun
Other Req: RESIDES IN FL state, ADDITIONAL RESTRICTIONS: Florida resident of Indian River County
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