ENA Foundation Undergraduate Scholarships

There are many students eager to pursue their dream career and are willing to take the challenge of being an undergraduate student. This challenge can be in terms of finances because the cost of undergraduate education is expensive especially those desiring to study in prestigious universities/colleges. Nevertheless, financial problems must not hinder the desire of any individual to study and take the degree program they truly want. There are means to alleviate the burden of the education cost such as scholarships and grants.

Applying for a scholarship is the popular means of countering the financial problems. Most of the time, these financial aids are given to deserving students in terms of the financial needs and of course, their academic performance. There are steps to complete in applying for a scholarship and a student who truly needs it must undergo such screening process. The student must be able to show why he/she is deserving of the said scholarship. There are many institutions offering graduate scholarships and one of them is the Emergency Nurses Association Foundation. The ENA grants several scholarship/financial assistance to the nursing undergraduates (and even to the professional RNs who desires to pursue graduate studies in their field).

One example of scholarship offered for students offered by ENA and intended for the undergraduate student. This is the ENA Foundation Undergraduate Scholarships. This scholarship is particularly offered to the undergraduate nursing students. One of the requirements for applying to this scholarship is that applicants must be a registered member of ENA for at least a year prior to applying.

Amount: $3,000
Deadline: 1-Jun
Other Req: AFFILIATIONS: Applicants must be ENA members for a minimum of twelve months prior to applying.
Website: Visit Website