ENA Foundation Master's Degree Scholarships

A student should always be a student no matter the age. Education is very important, both within the corners of the classrooms and the outside world. For professionals, doing continuing education is necessary. Why get continuing education after graduating from college? There are many reasons and an example is to move up and gain more professional skills. Most of the individuals in the upper position, for instance in the health care setting, have graduate degree courses completed. The cost of obtaining graduate degree program can be very expensive and many graduate students rely on scholarship programs.

There are many institutions offering graduate scholarships and one of them is the Emergency Nurses Association Foundation. This organization serves as the resource for emergency for the Registered Nurses that will help their nursing career. The ENA grants several scholarship/financial assistance to the nursing graduates (and even students in the field of health care).

One example of scholarship offered for students offered by ENA and intended for those pursuing graduate programs is the ENA Foundation Master’s Degree Scholarships. This scholarship is particularly offered to the registered nurses pursuing master’s degree program in the field of nursing. Just like other scholarship, there are requirements that must be met by the candidates. Scholastic standing from his/her undergraduate degree program, recommendations, letter of intent, statement of purpose, program of study and many more are some examples of the requirements. In this program, candidates who are more than half a year beyond the completing his/her formal degree coursework and comprehensive exams are not eligible to apply.

Amount: US$3,000
Length: June 1
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