Eloise Collins Endowment Scholarship

The Eloise Collins Endowment Scholarship is open to the female students both citizens of the United States as well as foreign students who are residents of Louisiana and are either presently or intending to major in a medical field. In order to be eligible for the Eloise Collins Endowment Scholarship, the female candidate must have a grade point average of no less than 3.0.

The ESA Foundation awards the scholarship for this program, and the amount provided by Eloise Collins Endowment Scholarship is worth $900. This scholarship award chooses one recipient per year, and the award is non- renewable. The money that will be provided by the recipient is intended to cover expenses such as tuition, registration fees, books, dormitory fees and other expenses that are related to the recipient’s education. The award will be made payable to the college or university where the recipient chooses to study. If however there will be changes to the university or college, the recipient must immediately inform the scholarship director for the changes.

Application for Eloise Collins Endowment Scholarship may be obtained from the Epsilon Sigma Alpha International (ESA) website. Candidates are required to complete the application through the ESA application system online. Apart from the completed application, candidates are required to submit other supporting documents as well such as transcript of records, SAT/ ACT documentation, two letters of recommendation and an essay that touches on the candidate’s career plans as well as his/ her reasons for applying to the scholarship and why the candidate should be selected. The essay must also mention about the candidate’s leadership as well as her service accomplishment.

Amount: $900
Deadline: February 02
GPA: 3.00
Website: Visit Website