Elizabeth Garde Nursing Scholarship

In any scholarship, there are requirements to be met. Any candidates who wants to be awarded with scholarship must met or even exceed these standards. Typically, the candidate must demonstrate his/her merit and financial needs. Of course, once the candidate is awarded with the scholarship, he/she must maintain high standards in the academic by having high grades/GPA. In turn, having scholarship will push the student to truly excel in his/her field of study and this can even fast track the student in completing the degree.

Elizabeth Garde Nursing Scholarship is one of the many scholarships available to many students today and this scholarship is designed for nursing undergraduate students as well as graduates who desire to pursue nursing degree program or the profession in medical field. However, this scholarship is only awarded to the member of Danish Sisterhood of America or the child of a member. The amount of the scholarship is $850 and it is good for a year. It is also nonrenewable.

This scholarship is included and one of the five scholarship awarded of the so-called “January Round” with the deadline set at February 28 for this year. The scholarship program of DSA is made possible through memorial funds and endowments. The program is also supplemented by donations from and districts of the Danish Sisterhood, lodges and the individual members, lodges. This scholarship can only be received once and it will be awarded for study that will start in the fall semester of the year in which the candidate applied.

Amount: $850
Length: 1 year
Deadline: 28-Feb
GPA: 3.0 or higher
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