Elijah Nevins Kirkpatrick Scholarship

There are so many students who have the aptitude to take on the challenge in the college and graduate level. They have the skills, knowledge and discipline to further their education and continue their learning. Unfortunately, there are some hindrances that these kinds of students should face and usually, it comes in the form of lack of finances for education. Fortunately, there are means to overcome this financial problem and this is through scholarship grants.

Qualifying for a scholarship entails providing sufficient proof of the needs for financial assistance and of course, good academic standing. There are other requirements aside from those mentioned before such as the ability to demonstrate leader skills and so on. Nevertheless, screening and assessing each applicant is integral in any scholarship program in order to ensure that the truly deserving students receive the assistance.

One example of such scholarship programs is the Elijah Nevins Kirkpatrick Scholarship. This scholarship program is designed for nursing students who are undergraduate and enrolled full-time in the Vanderbilt School of Nursing. This scholarship is one of the many partial scholarship awarded by the school for merit and the financial need aspect. This internal scholarship can be continued until the student completed the degree but he/she has to maintain the required GPA each semester, which is no lower than 3.0. A student, who is full-time enrolled in the institution, will only receive one scholarship from the School of Nursing of the Vanderbilt University every academic year. The amount that the student will receive from this internal scholarship varies.

Details: The Elijah Nevins Kirkpatrick Scholarship was established at the Vanderbilt University School of Nursing by the Frank Godchaux III family in memory of Mr. Kirkpatrick, a Vanderbilt alumnus and father of Mrs. Godchaux. The scholarship is awarded to students demonstrating both exceptional merit and financial need.

Amount: varies
Length: 1 year
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