Elaine Gelman Scholarship

Unfortunately, the cost of education is not going down. There are many students who have bright future ahead of them but the price of studying is one hurdle to overcome. The good thing, there are many individuals, foundations and institutions providing financial assistance to the students truly in need and deserving in terms of their scholastic standings. For many students, scholarships are their stepping stones towards their dreams and goals in life. This is what most scholarship grantors – to enable their recipients achieve their dreams and in turn, use spread the helping hand to others.

For nursing students and practitioner looking for scholarships, an assistance that they can apply for is the Elaine Gelman Nurse Practitioner Scholarship. This scholarship was established way back in 2002. It is designed for nurse practitioner student who is able to demonstrate his/her competency if the clinical field, scholastic standing and political activism. These are the things in which Ms.Elaine Gelman demonstrated while she was practicing her nursing career and in which the scholarship was name after.

For applicants, the required documents must be submitted over the internet in one file and in the MS Word format. Students applying for this application must follow the format for the documents and should be submitted after May 1st and must be gotten by the panel by 30th of June per year. The recipient of the scholarship will be notified late in summer. In addition, the applicant should be able to show ability of articulating and following through on innovative solution to long-standing or even problem about health care.

Amount: up to $1000
Deadline: 30-Jun
GPA: 3.0 or higher
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