Eitzen Scholarship Fund

There is a saying that we are eternal students and that is true. It is essential for every individual to move forward to their goals whether it is acquiring new sets of skills and knowledge or continuing or furthering their education so that they can advance more in their field. This is one of the many missions of the scholarship grants. The financial assistance provided by scholarships is aimed to help truly deserving individuals to further their education in particular field.

An example of scholarship is the Eitzen Scholarship Fund, which was name after HerthaEitzen and it is established and offered through the Sinclair School of Nursing at the University of Missouri. Her the Eitzen was an Education graduate in 1906. This scholarship is designed for undergraduate students taking up nursing course. The students must be enrolled in/or completed the initial clinical course. Of course, the students must qualify first to the requirements of this scholarship that includes the need financial assistance and scholastic standing. For applicants, there is no need to apply for individual scholarships internally; they just have to submit the application together with the required documents to the degree program of the student to the Sinclair School of Nursing Office of Student Affair office. Once the student’s application is received by the provider, it will be screened and assessed and the office will select the right scholarship for that student. It is also necessary for the student to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid or FAFSA.

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Length: varies
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