Dr. James S. Garrison Scholarship Fund

Two scholarship funds were successfully established to help out nursing students who are experiencing financial difficulties. These two scholarship funds are both called the Dr. James S. Garrison Scholarship Fund.  These were named after Dr. Garrison in recognition and acknowledgment of his contributions of his service to the health care programs of central Arkansas.  The two funds come in the form of loans since awardees of these funds are obligated to share their services for a whole year after they graduate at Conway Regional Health System Foundation. If at any time the awardee fails to finish his or her one year service, payment for the loan is required upon leaving. The amount to be re paid will be based on the balance of the loan.

The total amount for each scholarship fund amounts to two-thousand U.S. dollars. The deadline for the submission of application forms is on the 30th of July though it could change to the 1st of March. One requirement is that the applicant must be a certified resident of the State of Arkansas.

Interested applicants may visit their website by logging on to http://www.conwayregional.org/workfiles/Foundation/Scholarships/AvailableScholarships-F.pdf. They can also pay them a personal visit at their office at this address; 2302 College Avenue – Conway (72034).

For telephone inquiries the number s to call are 501-513-5778 and 800-245-3314. To send them an email, write to foundation@conwayregional.org.

Amount: $2,500
Deadline: June 30 It might be March 1
Other Req: RESIDES IN AR state
Website: Visit Website