Dr. Ildaura Murillo-Rohde Scholarship Award

The National Association of Hispanic Nurses has established a scholarship fund that is aimed at helping out nursing students who are experiencing some financial difficulties. The name of the fund is the Dr. Ildaura Murillo-Rohde.  There are some requirements that interested applicants must first fulfill before they can apply for the scholarship.  The first requirement is that the applicant must be of Hispanic descent. The second requirement is that he or she must be taking up a nursing course that will eventually lead to a license. The third requirement that the applicant must fulfill is that he or she must be an active member of the association.  The fourth requirement that an interested applicant must fulfill is that he or she must maintain a Grade Point Average of at least a 3.0.

The total amount of the scholarship grant reaches up to one-thousand U.S. dollars. The deadline for the submission of application forms falls on the 15th of March.

Interested applicants may visit their website by logging on to http://thehispanicnurses.org. Applicants may also pay them a visit at their office at this address; 1501 Sixteenth St., NW – Washington (20036).

For telephone inquiries the number to call is 202-387-7447. For fax messages dial 202-483-2477. To send emails, write to info@thehispanicnurses.org.

Amount: up to $1000
Deadline: 15-Mar
GPA: 3.0 or higher
Website: Visit Website