Dorothy Willits Hallowell Nursing Scholarship

With its focus on developing people skills in the area of health particularly in the field of nursing, the Anne T. Jeanes Foundation is eyeing professional health care practitioners who have the innate Quaker principles. With this in mind, the people behind the foundation is gathering money for scholarships to be granted to high school students who are in the final year who are all interested in taking up a course in the field of nursing either a Bachelor, Associate or Diploma course. The name of the scholarship grant is the Dorothy Willits Hallowell Nursing Scholarship. The scholarship fund is named after a certain Dorothy Willits Hallowell who resided in the community where Jeanes Hospital is located and have been a serious backer of the said hospital.

There are some requirements that the student applicant must be able to fulfill. First is that he or she must be a Friend in the Ministry of Friends. Second is that the student applicant must be already accepted in a Friend recognized nursing school. The student applicant may be a graduate of a Friend or Non-Friend High School. A supporting acceptance should be shown upon application. A high School Friend graduate may be from a high school that is either a Friend or Non-Friend recognized. But non-friend graduates must be from Friend High Schools. The student applicant must show intention and interest in taking up a degree in nursing and well into higher studies

The scholarship sums up to one thousand two-hundred and fifty dollars for each semester within the freshman and sophomore years but will exceed five-thousand U.S. dollars. It becomes five-thousand U.S. dollars for each semester during the junior and senior years without exceeding twenty-thousand U.S. dollars.

The documents to be submitted are application form, photocopy of acceptance letter, 2 letter references, photocopy of high school grades, and a 300 to 400 word essay noting your reasons for entering nursing school.

Amount: $1,250
GPA: 3.0