Dorothy Gillete Meyer Memorial Scholarship

Dorothy Gillette Meyer Memorial Scholarship is a scholarship program that is founded by the Sinclair School of Nursing at the University of Missouri whose aim is to provide financial aid to the nursing students who are having difficulty in funding their education and live in Missouri.  This scholarship grant welcomes applicants who can fulfill the necessary qualifications, and some of these requirements include: being a female student of nursing who is in need of financial assistance, and at the same time has a good academic standing.

Another important qualification is that female graduates of high school of St. Charles, Missouri are given a priority as well, but in the event that no candidate from St. Charles meets the requirements, then a student who has graduated from a different public school also in Missouri is given the chance to make her application.

The amount that the Dorothy Gillette Meyer Memorial Scholarship varies, as well as the length of the scholarship program changes as well so it is then best to check their website or give them a call from time to time so that you can be updated with the latest news from this scholarship program.

Having a grant such as the Dorothy Gillette Meyer Memorial Scholarship is an amazing opportunity for the women in Missouri who are studying nursing, and do not have enough funds to complete their education.  This way, these nursing students are now given the chance to live their dream and contribute to the field of nursing.

Amount: varies
Length: varies
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