Dona Nell Stiles Gaddy Endowed Nursing Scholarships

A wonderful opportunity awaits the nursing students of the state of Missouri who are having problems with regards to funding their education because a scholarship program that is created specifically for these type of students is being offered in the said state.  This scholarship program is called Dona Nell Stiles Gaddy Endowed Nursing Scholarships.

The above mentioned scholarship grant was founded by the Sinclair School of Nursing at the University of Missouri.  The aim of this scholarship is to offer financial aid to both the male and female nursing students who are either in the undergraduate and graduate nursing programsand are residents of Missouri.  Aside from the already mentioned specifications of the Dona Nell Stiles Gaddy Endowed Nursing Scholarship, it favors students who have completed their high school in Saline or Mercer County in Missouri as well.

The amount of the grant to be given varies, and the length of the scholarship changes as well.  So those who are residing in the state of Missouri and are qualified to apply for this program are most welcome to try so they can take advantage of the benefits of the Dona Nell Stiles Gaddy Endowed Nursing Scholarship.

It is really fortunate to have a lot of scholarship programs available because more students are given the chance to continue with their studies and pursue their dream to join the field of nursing and be able to share their skills and talents in the said industry.  This way, more students are encouraged and inspired to take up nursing.

Amount: varies
Length: varies
Other Req: RESIDES IN MO state
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