District 3 Scholarship

The variety of scholarship programs available at this time prove to be very beneficial for the students who are in need of financial assistance.  These scholarship programs are certainly helpful for the students who wish to make their lives better by getting good education so that afterwards, they can pursue their career in nursing and aspire to reach more goals in their chosen field.

Many institutions as well as private agencies now offer scholarship programs to students who deserve to receive this kind of opportunity.  It is not easy to get a scholarship because every scholarship program has its own set of standards and therefore has their own set of requirements that is why those who are serious about getting one must definitely do their best to fulfill the necessary requirements.

The District 3 Scholarships is one example of a scholarship grant that aspiring nurses may wish to take advantage of.  It was founded by the Florida Nurses Association to give financial aid to the students both men and women who are taking the Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing in the Marion County.  This type of scholarship is one kind of a program that is exclusive to a certain group.  There are many scholarship programs that are similar to this.

If the applicant is a resident of the Marion County and is currently a student of Nursing, whether he or she is a male or a female is welcome to apply.  The deadline set for the submission of the application is on June 1.

Deadline: 1-Jun
Other Req: Florida resident of Marion County
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