Delaware Nursing Incentive Program

The Delaware Higher Education Commission has successfully established a Scholarship Fund that is aimed at helping out nursing students who are experiencing financial difficulties at the moment.  The scholarship award is called The Delaware Nursing Incentive Program. The Commission has established a few requirements that applicants must fulfill. The first requirement is that the applicant must be taking up a nursing course in a nursing school under a Licensed Practical Nurse program or a Registered Nurse Program.  Second is that the applicant must have a Grade Point Average of at least 2.5. The grant comes in the form of a loan.  It will not amount to more than the whole tuition fee and school costs. It can be renewed on an annual basis for three consecutive years. It can be off-setted in exchange for professional services in a nursing facility accredited by the state for one full year. The third requirement is that the applicant must be a certified resident of Delaware.


The total amount of the loan is five-thousand U.S. dollars. The period covers three consecutive years of enrollment.


The deadline for the submission of applications is on the 31st of March.


Interested applicants may visit their website by logging on to


Their office can be found at 820 North French St., 5th Floor – Wilmington (19801).


For telephone inquiries the number to call is 302-577-5240.


To send a fax message dial 302-577-6765.


For emails, write to

Amount: $5,000
Length: 3 years
Deadline: 31-Mar
GPA: 2.5 or higher
Other Req: 2.5 or higher
Website: Visit Website