David Risling Emergency Aid Scholarships

The association on American Indian Affairs for full-time American Indian and Alaskan Native students has successfully established a scholarship program that is aimed at helping out Native American students who are currently experiencing financial difficulties. The name they have given to this scholarship program is David Risling Emergency Aid Scholarships. Successful applicants may be granted a scholarship for each semester they enroll in. However, any unpaid balance in the tuition fee do not classify as an emergency.

The scholarship grant will be given in amounts as little as one-hundred U.S. dollars to as high as four-hundred U.S. dollars. There is no particular date when it comes to the deadline of the submission of applications. Two requirements stand out. First is that the applicant must be a member of the Native American Indian Community. Second is that the applicant must be male.


Interested applicants may visit their website by logging on to http://www.indian-affairs.org/scholarships/emergency_aid.htm.

They can also pay them a personal visit at their office found at this address; 966 Hungerford Dr., Suite 12-B – Rockville (20850).

For telephone inquiries the number to call is 240-314-7155.

For fax messages you can dial 240-314-7159.

You can send them an email at the following address; lw.aiaa@verizon.net.

Amount: $100 to $400
Deadline: None
Ethnicity: Native American
Gender: Male
Website: Visit Website