Cynthia J. Hickman “Pay It Forward” Nursing Scholarship

There are several types of nursing scholarships available at this time that is why nursing students can feel relieved and confident that they can achieve so much more because there is a way to reach their dreams.  Since there are so many programs for scholarships available, students can shop or look around to check which program best suits them and which is the most ideal for their current situation.

One example of a scholarship program is the Cynthia J. Hickman “Pay It Forward” Nursing Scholarship.  This nursing scholarship program was set up by the National Black Nurses Association or the NBNA for the African American nursing students who aim to get further education.  In order to be qualified for this scholarship program, the interested party must be presently enrolled in any nursing program such as BSN, AD, Diploma or LPN or LVN.  The applicant is also required to have a good academic standing and is necessary that he or she is a member of the National Black Nurses Association.  Another requirement is that the applicant must have one full year of school remaining.  The deadline for Cynthia J. Hickman “Pay It Forward” Nursing Scholarship is on June 15, so nursing students whether male or female who wish to take this opportunity must have the necessary requirements ready before this deadline.

This scholarship program can provide as much as $2,000 that is why it has set high standards for their requirements to ensure that they will also be getting quality students.

Amount: up to $2000
Length: varies
Deadline: 15-Jun
Ethnicity: African American
Website: Visit Website