Crouthamel Family

The Crouthamel Family have thrown their support for non-profit organizations so these organizations become fully staffed and well managed government run organizations. However, the scholarship grants are aimed at organization construction, planning strategically, and assessment of finances. The grant offered is the General Operating Support which is given to Organizations that perform well in these three areas. There are other grants that are given to non-profit organizations that have met any of the three areas.

Non-profit organizations who are interested in applying for the Philadelphia Foundation must first take the Eligibility Wizard exam. This is a five minute exam which is full of information that will lead you to which is the best grant your organization should apply for. This is a very important aspect in applying for a grant.

Discrimination is not tolerated by the Crouthamel Family and the Philadelphia Foundation. A grant will not be given out if the organization is limiting their membership, workforce and volunteers with discriminating requirements like religion, ethnicity, disability, marital stands, country of origin, gender, sexual preference, race and color of skin.

Amount: $500
Length: 1 year
Deadline: May of each year
Website: Visit Website