Connie Dorry Memorial Fund was established by the Florida Nurses Association

The Florida Nurses Foundation has been in existence since the year 1983. Their efforts are mostly focused on giving put scholarship grants to nursing students. They try to achieve this by progression in the field of nursing in the areas of research, practical exposure and education. They award these educational scholarship grants on a yearly basis to qualified students and practicing nurses.

The Florida Nurses Association has established a scholarship grant that is aimed at helping out nursing students who are in need of financial help. The Association has named the Scholarship grant the Connie Dorry Memorial Fund.


There are a few requirements for interested applicants to fulfill. First is that the applicant must be a nursing student who is presently enrolled in a Master of Science in Nursing – Nurse Practitioner course of a school with accreditation. Second is that all applicants must be certified residents of the County of DADE in the State of Florida.


The deadline for the submission of applications is on the 1st of June.


Interested applicants may visit their website by logging onto


Their address is at PO Box 536985 – Orlando (32853-6985).

For phone inquiries the number to call is 407-896-3261.

To send them a fax message dial 407-896-9042.

To send them an email: write to

Deadline: 1-Jun
Other Req: Florida resident of Dade County
Website: Visit Website