Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation

An online quiz is the basis for the awarding of scholarship grants by the Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation. Interested parties must go online, visit The Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation, register for the quiz regarding the nursing profession, and hopefully win a nursing scholarship. The applicants must take two quizzes. The applicant who tops the two quizzes will be awarded the scholarship.

Eligible participants for the quiz must be High School students or college students or Masteral or Doctorate students.

Thos who are interested in becoming nurses must click on the nursing quizzes.

After the participants have registered online, the type of quizzes will immediately appear on the screen. The final scores will be the result of the participants of speed and precision.

The quiz results are readily available at the Common Knowledge scholarship Foundation website.

The total of the grant for a nursing scholarship sums up to six-hundred U.S. dollars. It has a term of one full school year.

The deadline for registration is on the 15th of April. The participant must a Grade Point Average of 3.0.

Interested participants and applicants can visit their website by logging onto

Their address is at P.O BOX 290361 – Davie (33329)

For telephone inquiries call 954-262-8395.

Send emails to

Amount: $600
Length: 1 year
Deadline: 15-Apr
GPA: 3.0 or higher
Website: Visit Website