Colorado Graduate Grant

Graduate students can apply for the Colorado Graduate Grant who are currently taking up a post graduate course in an accredited school in the state of Colorado. The student applicant that can be considered for this scholarship grant must show some financial incapacity and must be enlisted in a degree course that is accredited and approved by the Colorado Commission.

This scholarship grant is awarded by the Colorado Department of Higher Education and has a monetary value that ranges from between $500 US dollars to $5,000 US dollars per year. The exact amount of the scholarship grant awarded will depend largely on the students’ financial incapacity.These scholarship grants are now renewable automatically however, the grantees may always apply every year.

The Colorado Graduate Grant is given out on a yearly basis to 1,400 student applicants.

There are more information about the Colorado Graduate Grant that can be gathered in the website of the Colorado Department of Higher Education. Student applicants can apply for this scholarship grant via their post graduate study schools. There are some additional supporting documents that a student applicant must submit aside from the completed application form. They can gather all the information regarding these documents through the post graduate school they are enrolled in. A Free Application for federal Students Aid or FAFSA must be submitted by the student. The deadline of submission of applications will depend on the financial help processes, registration and admission. The FAFSA report may be given ASAP beyond January the 1st.

Amount: $500 to $5,000
Length: per year
Website: Visit Website