Charlotte McGuire Scholarships

The American Holistic Nurses Association has successfully established a scholarship grant is designed to help nursing students who are experiencing financial difficulties regarding their schooling. The name of the scholarship fund is The Charlotte McGuire Scholarships award whish the association was gifted with and they put it up as a grant to interested and qualified nursing students.  The main focus of the successful applicant is that he or she must be in pursuit of his or her course regarding Holistic Nursing Care.

For an interested applicant to pass the selection committee’s selection process, he or she must satisfy some requirements. First off is that he or she must maintain a Grade Point Average of at least 3.0. Second is that he or she must be a holder of either an Associate Degree in Nursing, A Bachelor of Science in Nursing, or from an Associate Degree in Nursing followed by a Bachelor of Science in Nursing course.

The amount of the grant is two-thousand U.S. dollars which last up to four years.

For those who are interested, log onto

Their address is at 323 N. San Francisco St., Suite 201 – Flagstaff (86001).

For phone inquiries the number to call is (800) 278-2462 Ext. 14

For facsimile messages dial (800) 278-2462 Ext. 14.

Send emails to

Amount: $2,000
Length: 4 years
GPA: 3.0 or higher
Website: Visit Website