Charlotte Liddell Scholarship Fund (District 5 Charitable Trust)

The Florida Nurses Association has successfully established a scholarship award that is aimed at helping nursing students achieve a specific type of educational training related to the nursing profession. The name of the scholarship grant is The Charlotte Liddell Scholarship Fund.  Nursing students who are interested in acquiring this scholarship fund must satisfy a number of requirements. First of all, the interested applicant must be enrolled in either an associate course, a bachelor’s course or in a masteral degree course.  And these applicants must be focusing in a course pertaining to psychiatric care nursing.

These students must be enrolled in schools that are found within the South Florida area. They also must certified residents of South Florida. Those who are enrolled in undergraduate degrees must have a GPA of at 2.5. Those in graduate studies must at least have a 3.0 GPA.

The amount involved is varied.

For those interested applicants, they can visit the Florida Nurses Association website by logging on to

The Florida Nurses Association address is at PO Box 536985 – Orlando (32853-6985).

For telephone inquiries, the number to call is 407-896-3261

For facsimile messages the number to dial is 407-896-9042

Applicants can send emails at


Amount: varied
GPA: GPA of at least 2.5 if enrolled in an undergraduate course. Must at least have a 3.0 GPA if in a graduate course.
Other Req: South Florida resident
Website: Visit Website