Center for Rural Health Nursing Education

A scholarship grant was created by the Center for Rural Health and Nursing Education to invite more nurses to work in the state of Illinois by helping them out with their nursing education costs. Those students who are qualified to apply must be taking any of the following courses in nursing: diploma course in hospital nursing, a post graduate course in nursing, a bachelor’s course in nursing, an associate course in nursing, an associate course in nursing in applied science.

Only application forms that are postmarked with the 31st of March are accepted. Student applicants will be informed if their application forms are complete or incomplete. For incomplete application forms, the Center will only send one notification. Only fully completed application forms will be accepted.

Included in the scholarship award is the cost for the course which the student awardee is enrolled in. Pre-requirements for the course is not covered by the scholarship.

Student applicants who have ongoing loans being paid related to their schooling and those who have already received other forms of scholarships from other groups will not be allowed to apply for this scholarship.

Upon filling out the application forms, the students will not be required to put down their Social Security numbers. However, social security number will be required once application has been approved.

Student applicants must inform the program people if changes in information need to be made.

It is the applicant’s responsibility to notify program staff if any information on their application changes.

Amount: Ample and vary widely
Length: Renewable
Deadline: May 31 of the current year
Website: Visit Website