Catching the Dream Scholarship

Catching the Dream Scholarship was founded to provide financial assistance to the American Indian students who intend to pursue a degree in any of the following field: math, engineering, science (which includes all the medical fields), business, education, computer, finance, management, banking, hotel management and economics.

Aside from being open to a variety of fields, another great feature of Catching the Dream Scholarship is that it is also not biased on age, or tribe and is open to any state as well so therefore it opens a lot of chances to the American Indian students to complete their education and fulfill their dreams. This scholarship program is awarded by Catching the Dream, and the awards for this scholarship grant depend on the projected income of Catching the Dream (CTD).

In the past years, this scholarship award has offered $500 to $5,000 each year to both its graduate and undergraduate recipients. Catching the Dream Scholarship has an unlimited number of semesters or terms for funding, and current recipients does not need to reapply anymore as they will be able to receive automatically a scholarship renewal.

There is no specific number of recipients per year, but in the past years about 50 recipients were given an award. Students who are interested to make an application for Catching the Dream Scholarship must submit the application along with its other requirements on March 15 for the summer semester, April 15 for the fall semester and September 15 for the spring semester.

Other documents that need to submitted are: financial needs analysis, a copy of the candidate’s parents’ 1040 federal tax form from the previous year, certificate of Indian Blood among others.

Amount: $5,000
Deadline: April 15
Website: Visit Website