CampusRN Scholarship Fund

CampusRN has successfully established a scholarship program that is designed to help give financial aid to nursing students who are in need of monetary help but are interested in gaining more educational in the field of nursing. The scholarship fund is named The CampusRN Scholarship Fund. This scholarship program is given all throughout the United States of America. This scholarship is the most complete program that is offered out there as those who are given the grants are found in all the states of the country wherein a chapter of CampusRN is located. This beneficial scholarship is given to awardees on an annual and is based on the yearly anniversary of the CampusRN chapter of the state.

The total amount of the scholarship grant to be given away to applicants who pass the selection process sums up to two-thousand five-hundred dollars. The deadline of the submission of applications is on the 1st of April.

Applicants who are interested in looking into this scholarship grant  can visit their website by logging onto or by paying them a visit at their headquarters at 2464 Massachusetts Ave., #210 – Cambridge (2140). For more inquiries the number to call is 617-661-2613. They can send an email to

Amount: $2,500
Deadline: 1-Apr
Website: Visit Website