Brilla Young Scholarship

The Brilla Young Scholarship was established to provide financial aid to the senior high school students who are completing their education from Washburn School, Grainger County High School or Hancock County High School.

Like any other scholarship programs, Brilla Young Scholarship has its own set of requirements and specifications as well. Among its requirements is that the candidate must display the need for financial support and at the same time, must have an excellent academic achievement. The potential candidate must also intend to pursue a certification as a Registered Nurse.

This scholarship program is awarded by East Tennessee Foundation, and the amount of financial assistance that this scholarship grant offers is between $1,500 and $3,000. Brilla Young Scholarship is given every year and is not automatically renewable, but students who are qualified to still make an application are invited to apply again the following year. Only one recipient is chosen per year.

Students who are interested to make an application for Brilla Young Scholarship may easily access the application from the East Tennessee Foundation website, but before the applicant can start with his or her application process, the candidate must first get a copy of the East Tennessee Foundation scholarship guide as well as the instructions for the application.

The presence of scholarship programs such as Brilla Young Scholarship definitely provides a great amount of inspiration and encouragement to the students who are having financial constraints that makes them unable to finish their education. Because of these scholarship programs, more students are given hope to achieve their dreams.

Amount: $1,500-$3,000
Deadline: March 2
GPA: 3.0
Website: Visit Website